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Do you create custom orders?

No sorry, there is a lot of set-up in the screen printing process. It takes me a long time to perfect my designs, then the silk screens are developed and artwork is printed in small batches.

However I would love to know what designs you had in mind, it may inspire my next collection, please let me know via our contact form.

What is screen-printing?

It’s forcing ink onto a surface (paper in our case) through a prepared silk screen mesh to create a picture. Each colour is applied separately one at a time with a different screen used for each colour and each colour is dried before the next, it’s a very manual process. Our prints are printed by a professional local artisan printer here in Melbourne. The process and results are dramatically different from digital printing. We at Youngster favour screen-printing for it’s vibrant coloured thick ink and individual quirks that are derived from such a hands-on process.

Print size conversion

A4 : 210mm x 300mm : 8.3 x 11.7 inches
A3 : 300mm x 420mm : 11.7 x 16.5 inches

My order did not show up / arrived damaged 🙁

Aw no, that is disappointing, I hate that too and I’m more than happy to replace any prints that have been lost or damaged.

See our Delivery & Returns page for the steps to take if this misfortune happens.

Do the prints come framed / do you offer framing services?

All prints arrive unframed, at this stage will do not offer framing, but check-out our Framing Tips for some helpful and inexpensive advice.

I would like to feature you on my blog

Yes by all means. Please get in contact with us and let us know. You may use our images as long as credit is given to us and a link back to our website.

What are the other products that feature in your styling?

Animals (Primary Colours)
Blanket – Kate & Kate
Mobile – Country Road
Frames – Country Road
Cot – Ouef Sparrow Cot

Animals (Bubblegum Colours)
Tin Monkey on Bike – A brik-a-brak shop on Smith Street (TBA)
Frames – Country Road

Hawaii (Bubblegum Colours)
Dress – Target
Baby Hanger – Target (painted fluro pink)
Cushion – Country Road
Frames – Country Road
Cot – Ouef Sparrow Cot

Hawaii (Primary Colours)
Ukelele – Kala (Purchased in Hawaii)
Lei – Handmade for the shoot